Endangered Animals - 13 World Most Expensive Extinct Animals

13. Bengal Cats
Price: $ 800 - $ 3,000
Bengal Cats - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Bengal Cats - Bengali cats is developed through the cross-breeding between the black-haired domestic cat with Asia leopard. The goal is to get the size and behavior of domestic cats, but the appearance and the color is like Asian leopard. Proper cat hybridization results, the more distant descendants, the more benign behavior. The ideal results is obtained after the third and fifth generations of descendants from the first. With this cat, you can pretend like Cleopatra stroke leopard :-) Aaum .. uh .. miaow!!

12. Snow Macaque
Price: $ 3,500

Snow Macaque - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Snow Macaque - These species are threatened with extinction as more and more people damaging their habitat. A very strict license applied to anyone who wants to have these animals. Snow Macaque is a primate (smaller than usual) with age range of more than 25 years, and has a characteristic red face cash and not overgrown with hair. Do not remind us of the human figure snow Yetti?

11. Squirrel Monkey
Price: $ 4,000

Squirrel Monkey - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Squirrel Monkey - Size makes squirrel called that. Generally, the squirrel monkey no more than 2 pounds (no more than 1 kg) and known to be very social, affectionate and calm. This character makes it very desirable, although some states forbid it. Well, cute!

10. Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies
Price: $4,000-$5,000

Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies - This dog weighs 2 to 5.5 Kg. Very excited, alert, and friendly. Including the most rare, these dogs easily sunstroke. Originally from Africa. His life ranged from 10 to 12 years. And reportedly, during that time, this dog can be relied upon as a very good friend. You have to think twice to take her in broad daylight.

9. Savannah cat
Price: $4,000-$10,000

Savannah cat - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Savannah cat - Bred in a process similar to the Bengal cat, savannah cat is the result of crossbreeding between wild cats (serval) of Africa with a house cat. Savannah cat bred more difficult, given the African serval weighs 18 kg, wild, and marry the cat a smaller house is a separate problem. The pregnancy period between these 2 animals is also different. Therefore, savannah cat is more rare and expensive.

8. Mona Guenon
Price: $ 6,000

Mona Guenon - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Mona Guenon - Original habitat in the tropical forests of West Africa, although these animals can adapt to any forest conditions. Therefore, in addition to permits and special licenses to possess, this does not include animals in danger.

7. Monkey Debrazzas
Price: $ 10,000

Monkey Debrazzas - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Monkey Debrazzas - Monkey is easily identified by their distinctive white beard and gray hair. Up to 22 years old. The price is expensive to make only a few people who can have it. Many people are disappointed when the baby primate was tame and gentle turn into malignant and not predictable as adults. Well, like keeping terrorists baby! Be careful.

6. Striped Ball Python
Price: $ 10,000

Striped Ball Python - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Striped Ball Python - Master Python Breeder, Bob Clark stated that he has the very exclusive ball phyton-striped. The main lines that make this animal very unique. More clearly, this ball-striped yellow line shows the edge of the black color. Indeed, apart from other snakes. Perhaps the beauty of the colors will be more 'feel' when the snake is wrapped around you....

5. Hyacinth Macaw
Price: $ 6,500-12,000

Hyacinth Macaw - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Hyacinth Macaw - All Macaws are very expensive. Hyacinth Macaw displays beautiful colors so vibrant. The price could be $ 20,000 a pair. Physically, these birds of about 1 meter in length and has a bright blue color. Wings expand to 1.2 meters. These birds have become popular pets in addition to the expensive price.

4. Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python
Price: $ 15,000

Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals

Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python
Bob Clark developed a rare species. These snakes for sale $ 15,000. Very rare. Dominance pattern that makes python tiger is very popular in the world of snakes.

3. Lavender Albino Python (Female)
Price: $ 20,000

Lavender Albino Python (Female - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Lavender Albino Python (Female) - Red-eyed snake is lavender in color behind the vibrant yellow. Provided also by Bob Clark. Rarity makes this snake demand is very high.

2. Chimpanzee
Harga : $60,000-$65,000

Chimpanzee - Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Chimpanzee - Chimpanzees are highly intelligent primates and most closely related to humans. It weighed about 52 kg, the male larger than females. Original habitat in Central Africa and West Africa. Though threatened with extinction, the animal still legalized in some states.

1. Son of the White Lion (White Lion Cubs)
Price: $ 138,000

Son of the White Lion (White Lion Cubs)- Endangered Animals - Extinct Animals
Son of the White Lion (White Lion Cubs) - This is the most expensive. White lion - like a fairy tale - a very rare because its genes are recessive, but it did not include an albino. Eye color is similar to lions in general, and skin pigment layer is not. Because the price is expensive, demand eminence, maintenance, and its rarity, white lions, including one of the animals in the world's most difficult to obtain.


  1. Great Pics, Great Information. It seems you have done a lot of research for this post. Cheers!

  2. the white lion are so cute! didn't know lions could be white it's also sad that they cost so much they should be free not be put up for sell

  3. I think that the son of a white lion is the best.

  4. You people are fucked up and cruel to animals. These white lions are not pets and should not be treated like it at all... they are going extinct if you people don't stop selling them you're putting others in danger along with the animal itself! The consiquences are sever... i.e life in prison for animal crualty...

  5. Its not extinct. its endangered

  6. OMG. People should not be selling these, no wander they are extinct!!! Just AT LEAST wait until they are plentiful in the wild again :(!
    Stop taking them from the wild, and they will be plentiful again, then if you still REALLY want to, you can sell them again.
    It makes me sad.
    Stop destroying their habitats too, thats why they are extinct :'(

  7. i think the white lion is so cute

  8. this is ilegal u stupeds

  9. chimpanzee because come on those puppy eyes are so cute

  10. I agree stop selling and buying the cute rare animals YOU R KILLING THEM AND I WANT TO HURT YOU

  11. What gives yous the right to take these animals from their home to sell them to rich stuck up people. Yous are the reason these animals are going in extinct!!!!!!

  12. Son of the white lion.
    If they are domesticated then it isn't safe for them to be in the wild regardless. The white lions that are bred for aggression should be in the wild because they have higher rates of survival. I am curious as to how you can obtain a domesticated son of the white lion cub like jasmin from Aladdin, always wanted a white tiger but don't want to be eat'n

  13. Who gives a Damn !!!
    Not me

  14. All of you people need a reality check. Our ecosystem, globally is endangered, mostly by rich people who think everything has a price. We kill what we most value with greed and selfishness, we are the ANIMALS. Do you research....... The white tiger is amazing, but not for a pet.

  15. I hate u .-.-.-.- bitch
    u sell extinct animals

  16. Wow, is everyone commenting here retarded? None of these animals are extinct, and the ones sold to people are born in captivity, not taken from the wild.

  17. I would like to point out that all you idiots that say they are selling "extinct" animals are retarded... if they were buying extinct animals they would be buying skeletons you morons... also some of you retards need spell check!! All you PETA lovers... I would take a bet that if some of these endangered animals were not taken into captivity then they would already be extinct not being protected by man...so go cry somewhere else...


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