Why dolphin child swimming as fast as his mother?

Pictures of dolphin
Why dolphin child swimming as fast as his mother?

Scientists has been long time wonder how dolphin child has ability to swim as fast as the mother dolphin. However, according to a new research, children's dolphins are not just swimming, but also make him float on the water flow that occurs due to movement when the mother dolphin penetrate water.

Children dolphins usually swim near the mother until the age of three years. A flight engineer who is researching marine mammals at San Diego, found that young dolphins is always positioned itself as far 10 to 30 cm from the mother's body, and placing a center point of body with the tail of the parent.

Differences in water pressure on the back of the body of dolphins are often in such large, so that a baby dolphin drawn to it easily. When another adult dolphins swim so close to dolphin who brings children, sometimes children dolphin drawn near the main dolphin swimming faster.

Based on the observation that, a mystery why children dolphins can swim as fast as his mother seems have been answered.
Pictures of dolphin

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