Wild Dolphins - swimming with dolphins

Wild Dolphins - swimming with dolphins pictures 1
Wild Dolphins - swimming with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins in the wild is an amazing experience because you get the opportunity to interact with these incredibly friendly and intelligent animals on their own turf. Unlike captive dolphins who have no choice but to interact with human beings whether they want to or not, wild dolphins can choose whether they want to stick around and swim with you and if they don't they have the freedom to simply disappear into the deep blue sea which makes it all the more special when they do decide to stay (which occurs on a frequent basis).

Wild Dolphins - swimming with dolphins pictures 2

There is a huge debate raging about the ethics of swimming with captive dolphins and even though there are definite benefits for humans (treatment for depression and disabilities) captivity is harmful to the dolphins as they suffer from stress and illness and have a much shorter life expectancy than similar dolphins in the wild. The demand to swim with captive dolphins also encourages capture from wild populations that are already under threat which is very detrimental to the environment.

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Wild Dolphins - swimming with dolphins

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