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Tiger Tyson

Tiger Tyson (pseudonym) (born May 20, 1977[citation needed] in Brooklyn, New York) is a popular American gay-pornographic actor, model and director, noted for his appearances in ethnic-themed adult films, where he performs regularly as a top. He has also worked as a male escort and gogo dancer, and has appeared in several gay-themed publications. Tyson, who is of black and Puerto Rican descent, is renowned for his large endowment and aggressive sexual style on camera.
Tiger Tyson
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Tyson went into pornography at age 19 after serving 14 months in prison for grand theft auto. Recruited by a friend and fellow dancer at a gay club, Tyson was introduced in the 1997 film Sweatin' Black with director Enrique Cruz. Shortly thereafter Tyson starred in his breakthrough film, Tiger's Brooklyn Tails. After serving a stint as an actor for Latino Fan Club, Tyson left the porn industry in 1999, but returned in 2000 to form his own production company, Tiger Tyson Productions. He co-founded Pitbull Productions in 2003, and announced his retirement in 2004, but changed his mind after the success of Take 'Em Down, one of his highest-grossing movies ever. To date, Tyson has appeared in over two dozen films. He was inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame in February 2008.

There has been a fair amount of speculation among Tyson's fans as to whether he sees men privately, or if he is merely gay-for-pay. Though Tyson's blog features posts wherein he brags about same-sex encounters, he has at other times insisted he is straight and would never bottom on film.

Off-camera, Tyson openly promotes safe sex education, AIDS research and gay rights.

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Tiger Tyson

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