What do tigers eat

What do tigers eat

Tigers, like any carnivore, eat meat, lots of meat. In the wild they hunt unsuspecting deer, wild boar and even buffalo. It may seem strange that an animal that is bright orange in colour would be able to hide from its prey, however while the tiger has full colour vision - on the most part its meals do not. Because of this it can camouflage itself in bush before pouncing upon its dinner. Having large, sharp retractable claws helps in catching a meal, then a jaw comprising of 30 teeth including four large canines, makes eating the fresh kill a relatively simple process.

Tigers like to eat anything that is meat. On the most part they feast upon small deer (chital or sambal), or water buffalo. They also like a quick snack to take the edge off, 'elevenses' if you like, and this is usually a passing monkey, frogs or even fish. Tigers have been known to hunt humans, however in most cases this is because the animal is either old or injured and cannot hunt its usual prey.

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What do tigers eat

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