Blue Shark

Blue shark picture 3
Blue Shark
The blue shark is one of the most easily recognized sharks. It has a distinct colouration, a deep indigo blue from above and a vibrant blue on its sides, changing to white underneath. The large pectoral fins are also easy to spot as they are as long as the distance between the tip of the snout to the last gill slit. The blue shark is a long slender shark, reaching 3.8 meters (13 feet) in length. It is likely the most prolific of the large shark species as it is abundant throughout its range. The blue shark has a weak keel on the caudal peduncle and the upper lobe of the caudal fin is larger than the lower. The teeth on both the lower and upper jaw have triangular cusps with smooth or finely serrated edges.
Blue shark picture 1
Blue shark picture 4
Blue Shark

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