Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers

Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers 1
The Delphinidae are the most diverse of the cetacean families, with numerous variations between species. They range in size from 1.2 meters and 40 kg (Heaviside's Dolphin), up to 7 meters and 4.5 tonnes (the Orca). Most species weigh between about 50 and about 200 kg. They typically have a curved dorsal fin, a clear 'beak' at the front of the head, and a forehead melon, although there are exceptions to all of these rules. They have a wide range of colors and patterns.

Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers 2
Most delphinids primarily eat fish, along with a smaller number of squid and small crustaceans, but some species specialise in eating squid, or, in the case of the Orca, also eat marine mammals. All, however, are purely carnivorous. They typically have between 100 and 200 teeth, although a few species have much less.

Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers 3
Delphinids travel in herds, or 'pods', which may number a thousand individuals in some species. Each herd forages over a range of a few dozen to a few hundred square miles. Some herds have a loose social structure, with individuals frequently joining or leaving, but others seem to be more permanent, perhaps dominated by a male and a 'harem' of females. Individuals communicate by sound, producing low frequency clicks, and also produce high frequency ultrasound whistles of 80-220 kHz, which are primarily used for echolocation. Gestation lasts from ten to twelve months, and results in the birth of a single calf.

Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers 4Facts about dolphins - dolphin wallpapers

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