Dog health symptoms
Dog health symptoms

When you think about it, who knows your dog better than you do? You see him on a daily basis, you know what and how much he eats, how much he exercises, and how much rest he normally gets.

These are all the standard behaviors that will help you determine what is normal for your pet, so when he begins to deviate from his usual routine, you'll have an early warning sign of any illness, injury, or other condition that may be trying to take hold.

Keeping your dog properly vaccinated for common illnesses such as distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, Parvo, Corona, and rabies will eliminate a good deal of the health threats your dog would ever be likely to face, but unfortunately vaccines can't prevent every type of illness.

Signs of a Healthy Dog
All healthy dogs share these general signs of good health.
* Clear, bright eyes
* Glossy, full coat
* Clear skin
* Dry nose, free from discharge
* Good weight, according to breed standards
* Healthy appetite
* Good energy
* Pain free movement
* Normal temperature around 100-101 degrees Fahrenheit
* Generally positive attitude and personality
Symptoms of a Sick Dog
There are many different dog health symptoms that may indicate your pet isn't feeling well. Some are physical, some emotional or behavioral. It's important to be able to recognize them as soon as possible because early treatment can be the key to keeping a simple problem from snowballing into something more serious.

Early symptoms might include:
* Drop in food/water consumption
* Sudden dramatic increase in water consumption
* Lack of energy
* Sudden onset of pain anywhere in the body
* Negative change in personality or attitude
* Loss of interest in normal activities
* Coat begins to look dull and feel brittle
* Skin rash or irritation
* Cloudy eyes
* Runny, crusty discharge from nose an/or eyes
* Bloody discharge
* Slight weight loss

As the illness progresses, symptoms may include:
* Complete refusal of food and/or water
* Constipation
* Difficulty urinating
* Diarrhea
* Vomiting
* Dramatic weight loss
* Severe pain
* Bloated stomach
* Localized swelling
* Seizures
* Complete withdrawal from surroundings
* Body temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit
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Dog health symptoms

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