Dogs with Short Coats and Long Coats

Dogs Coats

Dogs with short coats require virtually no grooming, just a brush and wipe down every so often. Pet dogs with long coats require either regular clipping (every eight weeks or so) and a brush once or twice per week. Show dogs, or dogs with long coats, require daily brushing. If you don't brush your dogs long coat regularly it will tangle and matt. No only can it hurt your dog if he has tangled, matted hair, but it will become dirty and he will look shaggy and ugly if you don't regularly groom his coat.

So keep in mind that if you choose a breed with a long coat you will need to get it clipped regularly if you want to avoid brushing it so much, or if you choose to keep it long or even medium length you will have to brush it everyday.

Dogs with short coats also have another advantage. It's easier to find ticks and fleas on their body. You probably spend eight times as long searching for fleas and ticks on a dog with a long coat than you do on a dog with a short coat.

If you don't want to be vacuuming the house every day, then don't buy a high shedding breed. If you own a high shedding dog you will find hair everywhere! Including on your clothes, on your furniture, in your bed, and even in your food. Additionally dogs that have a high shedding rate need to be groomed more often to brush out the dead hair.

Dogs with long coats pictures :

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very beautiful white dogs kissing

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white beautiful dog, very cute
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Puli - Dog Pictures

Bobtail - Dog Pictures

Dogs with short coats pictures :

Mountain Cur - Dog Pictures

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