Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes consist of four, sub-parallel, linear depressions in the south polar region of Saturn's moon Enceladus. First observed on May 20, 2005 by the Cassini spacecraft's Imaging Science Sub-system (ISS) camera (though seen obliquely during an early flyby), the features are most notable in lower resolution images by their brightness contrast from the surrounding terrain. Higher resolution observations were obtained by Cassini's various instruments during a close flyby of Enceladus on July 14, 2005. These observations revealed the tiger stripes to be low ridges with a central fracture. Observations from the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) instrument showed the tiger stripes to have elevated surface temperatures, indicative of present-day cryovolcanism on Enceladus centered on the tiger stripes.

The name tiger stripes is a unofficial term given to these four features based on their distinctive albedo. Currently, these features have yet to receive official names. These features are likely to be given the descriptor term sulci (subparallel furrows and ridges). Enceladean sulci, like Samarkand Sulci and Harran Sulci, have been named after cities or countries referred to in The Arabian Nights.

Tiger Stripes 4

Tiger Stripes 5

Tiger Stripes 6
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Tiger Stripes

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