Amazing Facts About Dolphins - False tails To Dolphin

Amazing Facts About Dolphins - False tails To Dolphin
There are stories that touch on just a dolphin named Winter. Years ago, he lost its tail when swimming, he was trapped in crab traps, of course, who planted by humans. He can not swim with such conditions. When found by savior, it is stress.

Rescue team is then brought Winter to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium which is located in Florid. Winter life is saved. Winter indeed safe, but then the problem appears, Winter's tails can not grow longer as they are.

Aquarium's director, David Yates said: "He (Winter) can learn how to swim without a tail, there is no other dolphins that are able to do this." "We do not know if he can do this. But, we fear this will be dangerous for him." For fear that something bad happened with the Winter, the team then made a false tail for Winter.

The false tail supports in the Winter swimming. Tails, which are designed by Kevin Carroll, a man who has experience in creating a false leg for a dog, cat, and even duck.

Finally, with tails made of false Silicon, Winter can swim more easily. Now, the winter is even can swim without the false tail.

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