House training puppy tips
Why Dog Training is Important for Your Puppy

There isn't anything much cuter than a puppy, which can make it pretty hard to discipline them and dog training is important at an early age. You don't want to hurt your puppy's feelings or make him feel unloved. But, you will actually be creating a safer and more loving environment for your puppy as he grows into a dog by setting some ground rules and teaching them to him in a loving yet firm manner. This is the best way to ensure that your puppy will grow into an obedient dog and housetraining is the best place to start. The following dog training tips will help you get started housetraining your puppy.

House training puppy tips 1

Dog Training Tips for Your Puppy
  • Take your puppy to his bathroom area every 45 minutes while providing access to this area. Whatever area you create for your pup's bathroom area be sure to create a similar area when he is confined. This is because he will associate that area with using the bathroom. That is why you don't want to put a piece of carpet in his pen for him to eliminate on. He will then think eliminating on the carpet in your home is appropriate. Avoid that at all costs! Create an elimination area of gravel, grass, dirt, or even concrete. But do not give your pet linoleum hardwood, carpet, or anything else that might be confused with the floors in your house. Otherwise, your efforts at following these dog training tips won't get you too far.
  • Reward your puppy when he goes outside or in his elimination area. When you praise and reward him he will feel proud of his accomplishments and will continue using the bathroom in the specified area to elicit this reaction from you.
  • Create a feeding schedule and note your puppy's elimination schedule. That way you can anticipate when to take your puppy to the elimination area to help him make the connection between using the bathroom in this area. It takes effort and time, but it is worth it to have a housetrained dog.
  • You want to teach your puppy self control, too, and this takes time. A good way to go about this is to caret your puppy for short periods of time and then increase the periods as time goes by. This will help your puppy to develop self control because it is unlikely he will go to the bathroom in the crate because it is his space.
  • Be patient and consistent. It will take up to six months to fully housetrain your puppy, but after that he will be completely housetrained and there will be no accidents.
House training puppy tips 2
House training puppy tips
These are just a few dog training tips to help you housetrain your puppy quickly and easily without any confusion. When you follow these dog training tips you will find they are very helpful and your puppy will quickly catch on to where he should eliminate and where he shouldn't.
House training puppy tips

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