Tiger army

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Tiger army

For the devoted who tattoo the lyrics and "TigerBat" logo on their bodies, Tiger Army is more than a band – it's a way of life. Nick 13's music channels the frustration, loneliness, despair and triumph of sheer will of a lost generation, buzzing with power and dark romance. The loyalty of the band's following is evident on their MySpace page and website, where hundreds of photos of Tiger Army related tattoos can be found.

Music From Regions Beyond is the definitive work by Tiger Army. The worldwide psychobilly scene owes an enormous debt to the So Cal trio, whose four albums and relentless touring have infused the genre (a blend of punk and rockabilly with dark elements) with the interest of countless new listeners. Music From Regions Beyond pushes psychobilly forward by breaking its "rules," the way Joy Division, The Smiths or The Cure forged a new "post" punk. Tiger Army embraces its psychobilly roots but transcends the genre with nuanced introspection and a staunch stance against novelty. They follow the example laid down by The Beatles who always maintained a connection to their first musical love, the rockabilly of artists like Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, even while expanding and redefining it – in some cases beyond recognition.


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Tiger army

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