Picture of 9 dolphins ?

Picture of 9 dolphins ? Could you find them?

Picture of 9 dolphins ? Could you find them?

Last night when the office has begun to quiet ...
  • My friend ask me "Could you able to guess what picture is this?"
  • "Of course, the two images are two people in love," I answered.
  • "If the answer is, your brain must be dirty, already exposed by pollution!" He said.
  • "How can? This image is naked woman with a man behind. Yes, right? "I answered.
  • "That's according to your eye. But, try to show this picture to a small child who had never see women naked. Ask what the image is. Sure he will give a different answer with the answers provided earlier by you. Try it out ..
  • "What the answer will be given by a small child who is still sincere about this picture?" I ask suspiciously full.
I'd like to ask readers of this blog: is there any among of you can see the nine dolphins in the picture above? I can finally be able to see the ninth dolphins that after cleaning my brain. Duh ...

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  1. i see the dolphins what am i spousto see


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